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Your Grandma, my Mom, leaves her suit.

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Dad and Mom

Photo of my dad and mom.

Your Grandma, my Mom, died a few weeks ago.

I stand out in the field, looking up at the evening sky.

My Dad has been long gone; Grandpa before that; Grandma after; now Mom.

I wonder about the machine, the machine we call living, call life & death. Perhaps we are all aliens and our human bodies are simply space suits that we need to wear to live on the planet. They wear out as everything that resides in this space/time existence and have to be cast aside.

The body really is an amazing piece of construction, far beyond our mechanical and technological capabilities to construct. Fortunetly we don’t need to know how to build it as it reproduces itself – an amazing feat! You take two suits, one male and one female. Together they are able to create a new suit. It takes approximately nine months for the female to finish the construction of  the new suit – and here is the astonishing part – within her own body. At some point during the construction, or, upon delivery – no one knows for sure – the suit is inhabited by an alien presence, or spirit.

Think about it. When we “die” it is because the suit gets damaged, sick, or simply wears out. Once the spirit leaves, there it is, before our eyes, a lifeless suit – a space suit with no one inside. We look upon it with wonder and have some strange realization. The realization that this suit wasn’t the person we knew. It is obviously no more than a container – albeit a wondrous one. It is the proper suit for someone to use if they want to dwell upon this planet, hang out on Earth.

So, your grandma left her worn out space suit a few weeks ago. No, I don’t know where she went. One would guess she went back to where she came from, back home. Anyway, I saw my Mom a few weeks before she left. I told her she was a great Mom and would always be my one and only Mom. Nothing on heaven or earth, as they say, can change that. And she told me I would always be her boy, her one and only boy. Nothing on heaven or earth could change that. We acknowledged that connection for time beyond time and found comfort and joy in it.

I don’t have any answers and don’t fight my ignorance. Don’t throw rocks at the mystery so to say. It’s been this way for a long time, at least from the perspective of time, and I know one day I’ll leave my suit and go on. My guess would be to the same place by Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and countless millions of others before have gone. My guess is the connection, the chain, stretches back to a point where we are all continually start, are all continually connected. Coming from the one and individually participating in the one.

There is peace in that. And there is comfort in knowing that you are my Daughter. My one and only Daughter. And will always be, and nothing on heaven or earth can change that.

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